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Configuring Email Clients

  1. Outlook 2003How do I configure Microsoft Outlook 2003?

  2. Outlook ExpressHow do I configure Outlook Express?

  3. ThunderbirdHow do I configure Thunderbird?

  4. Netscape MailHow do I configure Netscape Mail?

  5. The BatHow do I configure the Bat?

  6. EudoraHow do I configure Eudora?

Configuring Mobile Devices

  1. How do I configure a SmartPhone?

  2. How do I configure a Pocket PC?

  3. How do I configure Sony Ericsson P800/900 series mobile phones?

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:
Authentication required
SSL supported
TCP Port:
No SSL: 25, 80, 8080, 5000
SSL: 2525, 574, 4000, 5001
User Name: your SMTP User Name
Password: your SMTP password

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

  1. How do I send an e-mail from my computer using Secure SMTP server?

  2. What is SMTP?

  3. I'm a registered user of the Secure SMTP server user. Can I use the same SMTP account within different email programs and mobile devices?

  4. Which mobile devices are compatible with the Secure SMTP server service?

  5. Will my email be protected from an unauthorized access while in transit between the Secure SMTP server and the recipient's mail server?

  6. What is the maximum message size I can send?

  7. I travel a lot and often get a restriction from local Internet Service Providers. Will the Secure SMTP server work from any network?

  8. My ISP blocks outgoing mail on port 25. Is there another port I can use?

  9. My email has been successfully sent but the recipient has not got it. What's happened?

  10. Do you support SSL encrypted connections when transmitting the data?

  11. My email client cannot be configured to use a SSL encrypted connection. What should I do?

  12. What is a Personal Email Certificate?

  13. What is SSL?

  14. How can I track my email?

  15. I'm sending an email and getting an error "555: Access from this e-mail is not authorized". What's wrong?

  16. My email client cannot connect to the Secure SMTP server and return an error "Unable to connect to SMTP Server". What should I do?

  17. How can I verify that my email was sent using TLS/SSL encrypted connection?

  18. Where in the reports can I find out whether I sent a secured or non-secured email?

  19. What are the benefits of having multiple SMTP accounts (email 'FROM' addresses)?

  20. Which service plan is the best for me?

  21. Can I be sure that the Secure SMTP server does not disclose my e-mail address to third parties?

  22. Why do the e-mail messages sent from Outlook Express arrive truncated and are missing data?

Account & Billing Questions

  1. How do I activate my account?

  2. How do get a new Activation Code?

  3. Can I manage my account online?

  4. How do I change my service plan?

  5. How can I pay my bill?

  6. How can I find out my SMTP User Name and SMTP Password?

  7. Will my credit card transaction be safe?

  8. How does a server's certificate work?

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