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How does this service work?

SMTP is an outgoing mail service designed to enhance the security of mail exchange. We offer all SMTP security features and custom designed mail tracking database as a standard for our customers. That means you can be sure that SMTP service will be available 365 days per year 24 hours a day from any location, and all mail traffic will be encrypted. Our service let you trace the path your email messages may take from the sender's to the recipient's mail server.

How a SMTP service works

SMTP Settings

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:
Authentication required
SSL supported
TCP Port: No SSL: 25, 80, 8080, 5000. SSL: 2525, 574, 4000, 5001
User Name: your SMTP User Name
Password: your SMTP password

SMTP settings for popular email clients

  • members configure and manage their accounts, billing and service plan information, set security level for outgoing emails, receive delivery confirmation notifications via the Secure SMTP Control Panel.
  • members configure their email clients (MS Outlook, Pocket PC, etc) to use as a default Outgoing Mail Server and set up SMTP account parameters selected on step 1. These are primary SMTP parameters:
  1. SMTP Server Name:
  2. SMTP User Name
  3. SMTP Password
  4. TCP Port: No SSL: 25, 80, 8080, 5000. SSL: 2525, 574, 4000, 5001
  5. SSL encrypted or non-encrypted connection

  • members send emails via any email client. The email client authorizes and establishes an encrypted connection (SSL / TLS) to the Secure SMTP server and securely transmits a mail message on port 25* (default port to send e-mail).
  • forwards a message from an email client to the queue and logs it into the journal for the client to be able to view the outgoing history. If the Recipient Server is not available, forwards the email message to a holding area and tries to send it every couple of hours for several days. Secure SMTP members can check the current status of each email and the history of connection attempts in the delivery log in Control Panel.
  •  Mail recipients use their different email clients to contact the Recipient Server (POP3  mail server) and download e-mail messages into the Inbox.

    Note: In this step SSL/TLS security cannot be guaranteed as it depends exclusively on the Recipient Server (POP3 mail server like or and the Recipient Client (POP3 mail client like Outlook, or Netscape) configuration.

*Some internet service providers block access to port 25. Configure your outgoing mail server to use a non-standard port to retrieve your mail. Any port number is available: 25, 2525, 80, 8080, 574, 4000, 5000, 5001.

What are the benefits of Secure SMTP Service?

Individual Corporation
  • Location independent SMTP provider

    You will be able to send mail from anywhere. offers a wide range of TCP ports for outgoing mail including
    port 80 that is open in any internet-connected network.
  • Increased level of security and reliability

    All data trasmitted between your computer / mobile devices and SMTP server will be encrypted.
  • Outgoing mail tracking and reporting

    Make sure that your outgoing emails were received and not blocked.
  • Notifications

    You can be notified of any activities through your account, like smtp traffic activity, mail delivery confirmation, and any changes made with your account.
  • Low cost Family plan

    You can assign up to 5 different emails to your account to be able to manage and protect your family members' outgoing email.
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