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Secure SMTP server is a secure, reliable SMTP mail relay server for your outgoing mail. Secure SMTP service gives its members more possibilities than a standard SMTP server does. Fast, responsive, and quick loading, the SMTP server engine allows sending e-mail through SSL / TLS encrypted channels, provides detailed reports available for preview in the Control Panel, and enhanced delivery notifications.

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A registered user can track his messages and get a confirmation that the Recipient Mail server has received them.
Once the default port 25 is blocked for sending e-mail, any alternate port number can be used: No SSL: 25, 80, 8080, 5000. SSL: 2525, 574, 4000, 5001. For example, port 80 is opened in most internet connected networks.

Secure SMTP Features

  • Strong security and privacy.

    Secure SMTP server provides enhanced email security by using TLS/SSL encrypted channels. We take strong measures to protect all customer data from unauthorized access or disclosure, misuse, loss, alteration or destruction. Strong authentication protects users from identity fraud.
  • Location-independent access to SMTP mail service.

    In case the Internet Service Provider or a network administrator blocks the standard port 25, the service will work with an alternate SMTP port.
  • Comprehensive reports and notifications.

    SMTP Server reporting system generates "Web Activity", "Mail Delivery", and "SMTP Traffic" reports for analysis and verification. Automatic notifications by email may be enabled for most system events.
  • Easy to use web interface.

    SMTP Server Control Panel is a web-based application designed to provide full control over your account, system events, and mail delivery processes.
  • Flexible service plans starting from 4.95 $US.

    A subscription contains multiple SMTP accounts, which can be assigned to a group of users. Service plans include a unique Pay per Mail plan.

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