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Configuring Email Clients

  1. Outlook 2003How do I configure Microsoft Outlook 2003?

  2. Outlook ExpressHow do I configure Outlook Express?

  3. ThunderbirdHow do I configure Thunderbird?

  4. Netscape MailHow do I configure Netscape Mail?

  5. The BatHow do I configure the Bat?

  6. EudoraHow do I configure Eudora?


Configuring Mobile Devices

  1. How do I configure a Smartphone?

  2. How do I configure a Pocket PC?

  3. How do I configure Sony Ericsson P800/900 series mobile phones?



SMTP settings

After successful membership registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your personal SMTP settings. The SMTP settings you will need to configure your email client are:


  1. Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server. An outgoing mail server name, also called an SMTP server or SMTP relay. In order to send emails through our service you should use outgoing mail server setting:

  2. SMTP User Name and SMTP Password.
    Note: Secure Password Authentication can be used at logon, then the authenticated data, such as user name and password will be encrypted and securely transmitted to the server.

  3. Return email address. You can put whatever email address you want in the "From" field setting of your email program. This is the address that people will see when they receive messages from you and is the address that they will reply to.

  4. Port Number. If your Internet Service Provider blocks default TCP/IP mail port (port 25), use an alternate port from the any available: No SSL: 25, 80, 8080, 5000. SSL: 2525, 574, 4000, 5001.

  5. You can enable TLS/SSL encryption in the mail client, then all connections with the Secure SMTP server will be encrypted.
    Note: Enabling a TLS/SSL connection is not necessary but a highly recommended option for the safe and secure data transmitting.

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