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How do I configure Sony Ericsson P800/900 series mobile phones?

Create an account. You'll then receive details that you'll need to set up your account on your Smartphone. Then, looking at the Smartphone, follow these instructions:


  1. From 'Applications' menu select 'Messages'

  2. From 'Edit' menu select ' Messaging Accounts'


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  1. Click [New] to create a new account

  2. On the 'Basic' tab enter account parameters, select 'POP3' as the 'Connection type' and make sure that the proper 'Internet account' option is selected, otherwise if you do not have an internet connection - messaging will fail.

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  1. Click on the 'Inbox' tab, enter your POP3 account settings (in most cases these settings do not relate to SMTP User Name or SMTP account)

  2. Click the 'Outbox' tab; enter your SMTP settings:
    1. as an 'Outgoing server address'
    2. Check the 'Use SMTP authentication' option
    3. Type your SMTP User Name in the 'User name' field
    4. Type your SMTP Password in the 'Password' field

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  1. Select the 'Advanced' tab:
    1. Check the 'Secure connection' option
    2. Specify outgoing mail port (25, 2525, 80, 8080, 574, 4000, 5000, 5001)
    3. Check the 'Secure password authentication' option.

  2. Click [Done] to close the account's settings. Click [Done] once again to close the 'Messaging accounts' dialog box.


Congratulations! Your SMTP account is ready to use. Just select your newly created account in the list of messaging accounts, create a new mail message and send it.

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