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Will my email be protected from an unauthorized access while in transit between the Secure SMTP server and the recipient's mail server?

Yes, it will be. To minimize the risk of an unauthorized access during mail delivery you are required to have three security levels:

1. Authentication.

The SMTP User Name and Password should be protected during logging in. Check that the "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" option is 'on' in the mail program.

2. Encryption.

"Require encryption" check box option is used where security is an absolute requirement.

2.1. E-mail Encryption using Personal Email Certificate.

A Personal E-mail Certificate allows encrypting e-mails to prevent anyone except the intended recipient from gaining access to the message's contents. This
guarantees information privacy and protection. Only users who can provide a secret key can view, copy, or modify encrypted data.

Note: You can get a free Personal Email Certificate provided by Thawte Authority.


2.2. SSL/TLS encrypted data transmission.

Once a SSL/TLS connection between the client server and recipient server has been successfully established all data transmitted over the network is encrypted. The message source, destination email address, the message's contents are all encrypted during the transmission of data.

3. E-mail delivery confirmation.

To be sure your email reaches the final recipient you should receive an email delivery confirmation.

Secure SMTP server offers all security levels indicated above except section 2.1.

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