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How can I track my email?

Email Tracking service is availbale through the Secure SMTP Control Panel for registered users.


  1. Log In to the Control Panel
  2. Select Mail Delivery Report from the Reports menu
  3. Specify the required search criteria from the list:

    • Security Options
    • Client IP
    • Sent Date / Time
    • From / To email addresses
    • Message Subject
    • Message Delivery Status


  4. Start the Search Now! button


During mail delivery the mail is relayed from one mail delivery agent to the next, until email finally arrives at the recipient. The SMTP Server records the e-mail delivery information from your computer to the recipient's mail server. This information is stored in the log files or Mail Delivery Reports on our server.

Mail Delivery Reports and mail delivery history are available through the Secure SMTP server Control Panel for registered users. The detailed error report is also provided if a recipient's server goes offline, a server's heavy loads, an error in the email address and etc.


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